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The Institute for Relationship Intelligence reaches thousands of teens each year in urban & suburban areas of NJ/PA and other states with messages of healthy relationships, self-leadership and service to others.

In the last decade, I.R.I. has reached more than 130,000 youth, helping them to focus on achieving their future dreams and avoiding the traps that could endanger their lives and goals!

The Institute for Relationship Intelligence is a 501c3 nonprofit organization (EIN 22-3301766). All donations are deeply appreciated and tax-deductible.

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TikTok promotes engineering and math in China, while making youth in other countries addicted to twerking and porn

December 30th, 2022|News Articles|

TikTok influencers have become so important in the US now that at the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine war, US President Joe Biden invited TikTok influencers to the White House and sought their support to push the US agenda online.

By Anurag, July 25, 2022

TikTok, a short-form video hosting service owned by Chinese company ByteDance, is one of the most popular apps across the world. It allows the users to publish short videos on their platform. A lot of content creators have become ‘social media stars’ through this app. However, there is a dark side of this app that, instead of […]

The Important Differences between “Sexual Risk REDUCTION” education and “Sexual Risk AVOIDANCE” education

May 5th, 2022|Parents & Educators|

Learn about the important differences between “Sexual Risk REDUCTION” education and “Sexual Risk AVOIDANCE” education. Reprint permission from ASCEND. For more info, visit

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NAH I’M GOOD Music Video Premiere

November 20th, 2020|Community Articles|

Check out the premiere of the NAH I’M GOOD Music Video on the Free Teens Youth youtube channel, also posted at

The video was created at the 2020 Free Teens Media Summit held on October 23-25, 2020 in Edison, NJ with teens from the east and west coast of the USA.

The video was produced by Darron Rosborough, Kienyen Chen, and Noal Burl and filmed by Joshua Buergi and Kai Kellet. Nibrya Tiagha, Jah’shaya Primus, Jarvis Ferguson and Trenazah Jackson were the actors.

Winners of 2020 LoveSmart Media Contest Announced!

November 7th, 2020|Community Articles|

Entries at this year’s LoveSmart Media contest were shown at the 2020 Teen Media Summit last month.

The judges chose three entries for recognition.

In 1st Place was the Spoken Word video, “Free To Embrace” performed by Janaeya Smith from the Cool Kids Free Teens club in Paterson, NJ.

In 2nd Place was a Rap music video called “The Abstinence Song” submitted by Joseph and Joshua Buergi  from the Bay Area in California.

The 1st Place winner in the Video Drama category was the Cool Kids PSA. The video, was written and directed by Kasier Carter. Actors included Jared Barnes, Sophia Savage, Nasir […]