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The Top 10 Issues Facing Youth Today

By Raushan Zhubanova Courtesy of Youth Time Magazine The society we live in that is well into the new millennium started to recognize serious concerns that affect the youth. Some issues have always been there but there have been new obstacles beginning to surface in the eyes of the public. American student news source The Bobcat View made up a list of 10 issues facing the youth today. How you find with them? Single Parent Households Since the 1950s, the numbers of the single parent households have significantly increased. Today, 14 million single parent homes are responsible for 28 million [...]

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You Are What You Watch? The Social Effects of TV

There’s new evidence that viewing habits can affect your thinking, political preferences, even cognitive ability. By Jonathan Rothwell Courtesy of New York Times Other than sleeping and working, Americans are more likely to watch television than engage in any other activity. A wave of new social science research shows that the quality of shows can influence us in important ways, shaping our thinking and political preferences, even affecting our cognitive ability. In this so-called golden age of television, some critics have pointed out that the best of the form is equivalent to the most enriching novels. And high-quality programming for [...]

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Teen Mom Feels Trapped

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eyn2T6kTDBM Dr. Phil tries to bring clarity to Tanyadawn, a 17-year-old teen mom who disappears for 2-3 days at a time and skips school, leaving her 9-week old son to be taken care of by her mother and her aunt. Questions to reflect on: 1) What advice would you give Tanyadawn? 2) What advice would you give her mom and aunt? 3) At age 16, Tanyadawn thought she was mature enough to have sex. Was she? 4) Where is the father? Why isn't he taking responsibility for his son? 5) What would you tell other teenage boys [...]

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Summer planning for tweens and teens

Too old for camp. Too young to get a job. What to do? If you start early and know where to look, there's plenty out there to keep older kids happy and busy during summer break. By Connie Matthiessen Courtesy of Great Schools It’s a parent’s summertime nightmare. While you’re at work all day, your tween or teen is at home. Alone. With nothing to do. So what does she do? She turns your house into party central. This nightmare is exactly what happened to psychologist John Duffy’s clients, a family in a well-heeled Chicago suburb. “Every day when the parents [...]

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Why Teenagers Become ‘Allergic’ to Their Parents

By Lisa Damour Courtesy of the New York Times The arrival of spring is often prime time for hay fever, but adolescents seem to be able to develop an allergy to their parents, either intermittent or chronic, at any time of the year. This allergy usually has a sudden onset around age 13 and can last for months or, in some cases, years. While it’s no fun to become the parent who cannot order food or hum along to a song without irritating his or her own child, we’re better able to ride out this temporary adolescent affliction when we [...]

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