Creating a Culture of High Expectations for all Youth

By Linda Doering, SRAS

To learn about the research on the “Pygmalion Effect,” especially as it concerns developing the “high expectations” of Teaching Professionals in their own classrooms was enlightening and profound. Something that has always been hidden in plain sight: drawing out our students’ potential through believing in them and putting that belief, as Sexual Risk Avoidance Education (SRAE) Educators, into action vs. their self-defeating self-talk such as “I am a product of my past experience and current environment.”

Not only can this be an advantage for students and parents, but also for teachers themselves, as they draw out that budding […]

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YOU A WINNER! Music Video Premiere

We’re sure you’ll enjoy another music video created at the 2020 Free Teens Media Summit in Edison, NJ on the weekend of October 23-25, 2020. It’s called “You a Winner!” The video actors included Jah’shaya Primus, Darlene Chen, Trenazah Jackson, Zyair Hansford and Yvonne Turner.

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NAH I’M GOOD Music Video Premiere

Check out the premiere of the NAH I’M GOOD Music Video on the Free Teens Youth youtube channel, also posted at

The video was created at the 2020 Free Teens Media Summit held on October 23-25, 2020 in Edison, NJ with teens from the east and west coast of the USA.

The video was produced by Darron Rosborough, Kienyen Chen, and Noal Burl and filmed by Joshua Buergi and Kai Kellet. Nibrya Tiagha, Jah’shaya Primus, Jarvis Ferguson and Trenazah Jackson were the actors.

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Winners of 2020 LoveSmart Media Contest Announced!

Entries at this year’s LoveSmart Media contest were shown at the 2020 Teen Media Summit last month.

The judges chose three entries for recognition.

In 1st Place was the Spoken Word video, “Free To Embrace” performed by Janaeya Smith from the Cool Kids Free Teens club in Paterson, NJ.

In 2nd Place was a Rap music video called “The Abstinence Song” submitted by Joseph and Joshua Buergi  from the Bay Area in California.

The 1st Place winner in the Video Drama category was the Cool Kids PSA. The video, was written and directed by Kasier Carter. Actors included Jared Barnes, Sophia Savage, Nasir […]

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What 15 Teens Say about LoveSmarts Education

10th Graders at Lincoln HS, Jersey City

  • I liked that everything was straight-forward. I feel like everything that was talked about was serious and real.

  • I really like how open our conversations were. No dead space.

  • It’s teaching me the things I don’t know and information I can take into consideration when I’m in these situations. One thing I learned and I found interesting is the difference between mature and immature love.

  • Yes (I liked the program), because school doesn’t really talk about these types of things.

  • It was very eye-opening hearing what happened with teens who had sex so […]

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Camden City Council recognizes Free Teens USA efforts to help youth

On August 14, 2018, Julie Edwards, regional Free Teens club coordinator, spoke to the Camden City Council which recognized the work of Free Teens USA (Institute for Relationship Intelligence) for its educational programs for youth for developing “leadership skills, healthy relationships and sexual risk avoidance.”

In the group photo: Julie Edwards (black t-shirt)

From left: Sabreen Pitts, coordinator of the new Free Teens club in Camden, club member Daneazha Lee in middle with her mother Victoria Simmons behind her, and Councilman-at-large Angel Fuentes.

Camden City Council recognizes Free Teens USA efforts to help youth - Free Teens Youth - Changing Minds, Transforming Lives


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“Many students came to me, begging for LoveSmart to come back next year!”

As a school counselor for Jersey City and a mental health clinician for several counties, I believe that the best way to help someone make the best decision for themselves is to provide them with as much information as possible. Too often, people will make life-changing decisions without weighing the pros and cons of the situations or even knowing what other options there could be for them out there.

Our adolescents are constantly being bombarded with different messages and suggestions of how to be cool and respected by their peers but not by their own standards and definitely not how to […]

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Free Teens member honored with MLK youth recognition award

The Paterson Youth Council and the mayor of Paterson bestowed Khadija Moody with the Youth Recognition Award, in honor of Martin Luther King Jr., on January 19, 2015, for her volunteer work, community service, academic accomplishments, and her involvement with Free Teens of Paterson along with other notable organizations.

The following is an essay she wrote regarding her experiences with Free Teens:

“What I’ve Learned from Free Teens”

Khadijah Moody, 14, 9th grader at Eastside HS

Why do I choose to be a Free Teen? Well, why not? Free Teens […]

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