10th Graders at Lincoln HS, Jersey City

  • I liked that everything was straight-forward. I feel like everything that was talked about was serious and real.

  • I really like how open our conversations were. No dead space.

  • It’s teaching me the things I don’t know and information I can take into consideration when I’m in these situations. One thing I learned and I found interesting is the difference between mature and immature love.

  • Yes (I liked the program), because school doesn’t really talk about these types of things.

  • It was very eye-opening hearing what happened with teens who had sex so early in their lives. This can be an eye opener for the younger generation to prevent them from making big mistakes.

  • I would recommend this program for other teens because it opens the eyes of teens whose lives might be going to the wrong path.

9th Graders at Lincoln HS, Jersey City

  • I like the way Ms. Linda gave me a better picture on protecting my feelings and how a relationship is really supposed to be.

  • It’s very detailed and doesn’t sugar coat anything.

  • It informed me on things I didn’t know but needed to know for my health and safety.

  • I learned about how sex can kinda control you. Sex can make a breakup worse than it should be.

  • I would recommend the LoveSmarts program to people my age because they are out there making bold choices without knowing the consequences.

  • It taught me a lot about sex, relationships, and maturing.

  • It’s blunt and straight-forward. I feel this is perfect for people my age.

  • It changed my point of view in many ways. The most interesting thing in this program that I learned was that if your lover doesn’t respect your family values, he’s not the one for you.

  • She didn’t sugar coat anything.