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The Important Differences between “Sexual Risk REDUCTION” education and “Sexual Risk AVOIDANCE” education

Learn about the important differences between “Sexual Risk REDUCTION” education and “Sexual Risk AVOIDANCE” education. Reprint permission from ASCEND. For more info, visit

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Relationship Intelligence Training found to increase students’ intent to delay sex

Independent evaluators at Montclair State University found that Relationship Intelligence Training risk avoidance education significantly increased students’ intentions to delay sexual involvement compared with students who had not received the program.

At a followup survey given 6 – 10 months after receiving 6 hours of RIT education, students were 48% less likely to say they planned to have sex in the next 12 months. In contrast students who did not receive RIT had 36% increased intentions to become sexually active (p=.004).

At 6 – 10 […]

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I will forever remember her presentation

“I will forever remember her presentation. She got me out of a 3 year relationship I was completely stuck in.” GS 135 twelfth grade students participated in an anonymous survey after receiving the Relationship Intelligence Training presentations by Linda Doering in December 2014. The following reflect the range of those responses. None were negative:

What did you like or not like about the program?

The program is interesting and not presenting facts in a boring manner. CV
I loved how Ms. Linda makes the program fun yet very informative. She is very understanding, funny, and seemed to come down to our level to open our […]

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