“I will forever remember her presentation. She got me out of a 3 year relationship I was completely stuck in.” GS 135 twelfth grade students participated in an anonymous survey after receiving the Relationship Intelligence Training presentations by Linda Doering in December 2014. The following reflect the range of those responses. None were negative:

What did you like or not like about the program?

The program is interesting and not presenting facts in a boring manner. CV
I loved how Ms. Linda makes the program fun yet very informative. She is very understanding, funny, and seemed to come down to our level to open our minds to help us realize that sometimes being sexually active could ruin our lives if we aren’t careful and smart about it. AS
I liked everything about the program. Something I really learned about in this program was that it is hard to take yourself out of an abusive relationship. NV
I liked when she showed the Pink video (“Try”). I’ve never looked at the video in that way. Also M.s Linda is very hood and I love it! AQ
I liked how she was very open, relates to real life, and her non-filtered speech really opens eyes to reality. CNG
What I liked about this program was learning about abusive relationships. I liked the video of Pink. I’ve learned some tips that will help me choose a better person in the future and to not let anyone use me in the future. 1
I learned that half of all STDs in the US happen with 15-24 year olds.
I liked how the presenter had a funny way of approaching uncomfortable situations.3
I like when we heard the music video with Pink “Try” and we talked about the different consequences that comes when sex is involved. GMR
What I liked about the program is that it was real. Everything that Ms. Linda spoke about made sense. I liked watching the Pink video. Learning about different kinds of STDs. 5.
I liked how Ms. Linda was able to include us in her presentation.  One thing I learned that most interested me was about abusive relationships. 6
I loved everything. Ms. Linda really hit every topic and really made an impact on my life. I was in an abusive relationship a day ago and she and my teacher gave me the strength to leave hm. GS
I liked how straightforward you are about everything. I appreciate how you persuade my friend with your information to get out of an abusive relationship. KS
I learned the warning signs of bad  relationships such as someone being controlling possessive or constantly blaming you.7
I like how she didn’t sugar coat anything. I learned about STDs and AIDs and how easily you can get them. VERY INFORMATIVE! She is MAD REAL! 8
Two things I learned was not to get to attached too quick because that’s how you get hurt. Also that it’s important to know the person before you get into a relationship. 9
I like how honest and straightforward Ms. Linda was about the issues going on with teens. Learning about abusive relationships and the signs your partner shows of being abusive.10
Abusive relationships are something that should not be taken lightly and there are places where you can seek help. I also learned how to prepare for a healthy, lasting, loving and committed relationship. 11
I liked that Ms. Linda kept it real and used real, relatable language that we use today.12
I appreciated that this was realistic and not sugar coated. You learn about yourself and why it’s important to respect & love yourself. Wish there was more time to go into depth with Q&A.
I liked that it was not just all about sex and the bad things that could happen. We learned about “love”, what over-attachment is, and how you know who to marry.KN

How did the Presentation help you?

This program helps me want to refrain from having sex. CV
The presentation really made me realize many things I never knew before. I understand how important it is to practice abstinence because all of the risks that can happen to us. AS
I have a mother who’s been abused in every relationship she had. Learning about how hard it is to get out of an abusive relationship really helped me realize I cannot continue to blame my mother for what I have been around since I was little.
It showed me how many people at my age get STDs. It really opened my eyes and made me want to be responsible for myself. (male) JD
It made me think more about decisions I have to make about my relationship. AW
This gave me knowledge I had no idea about how easy it is to catch STDs from someone. Respect your values.
The Presentations helped me to understand how relationships work and the differences between unhealthy and healthy relationships. 1
This program made me aware of all the different diseases and viruses you can catch. 2
They helped me to help make better decisions in my future.3
Pros and cons of what you should look in a relationship. GMR
It helped me and taught me to rethink the decisions I make. Speak up if I know something that should be reported. 5
The presentations helped me to open up and talk to my mom about the program. It was crazy! But it is worth being safe. BSJ
This made me aware of the signs of an abusive relationship.6
I will forever remember her presentation. She got me out of a three year relationship I was completely stuck in. There really was no getting out. GS
It helped me realize how many people are infected in my area, as well as showing me what an abusive relationship looks like. 8
This program helped open my eyes to stuff I went through myself and its helping me right now. Wish I would have known about some of it before I made some of my choices. 9
This opened my eyes and gave me tips so I won’t make mistakes in the future. 10
This reminded me of all the information I already knew. I appreciated that because many people tend to forget crucial information like this. 11
This helped me to understand how important a healthy relationship and how important it is to be safe when it comes to STIs and sex. 12
Helped me to re-evaluate my relationship, appreciate my partner, and know where we need to work on communication. Also awareness of STIs. Very helpful. JV
This helped me to slowly pick a life-partner, to become friends first, and to really get to know them before making any commitment or attaching myself to him. SS
It helped me to wait until marriage. WB
I learned not to trust everyone and to keep relationships well-rounded will help with my boyfriend and friendships. Not to take a relationship so seriously right away because then we will lead to serious things. KN

What would you say to other teens about this program?

If you are thinking of or have had sex, you should take part in this program so you are more informed of other consequences of sex. CV
I highly recommend this program to every teen. It is a very informing and eye-opening experience. AS
It is a very helpful program. Ms. Linda has really opened my eyes to a lot of things that have been giving on in my life right now. NV
This presentation is eye-opening and real. No sugar-coating. AW
Definitely listen. CNG
Teens should try to contact this program so they can learn more. 1
This really educates you on all different aspects of sex and relationships. This program does not try to force you to stay abstinent, but opens your mind, so you can make your own choices.2
That it explains every pro, con, consequences of sex. GMR
Even if you feel like you don’t need it and aren’t interested, you should still listen. I did.4
I would tell teens to look into it and take it into consideration. This is an amazing program that teaches you a lot about something that everyone goes through.5
What I would say to other teens about this program is don’t be silly, you can get diseases any time, any place. Be safe. Ask if your partner has been checked. BSJ
This program is informative and helpful with finding out about important things that will keep you and your future safe. 6
I feel this program should be Mandatory! Not only for teens but pre-teens too because I have a 12 year old sister and she talks to boys and sends messages about sex. GS
This program is extremely beneficial and teaches us teens about a lot of dangers of STDs, unprotected sex, and other important facts to keep us safe and protected from infectious diseases. 7
Take the program. Should be Mandatory. 8
This program would be very helpful throughout your dating and sex lives. You should listen and go to this program. 9
The information Ms. Linda told me will help you in a situation you might be in now or one you’ll be in the future. 10
If teens take this course, they will be reminded that younger people tend to TRY to take things in a relationship really fast and too serious in a short amount of time but many forget the things that really matter which they should be concentrating on instead.11
Pay attention and really listen to what Ms. Linda has to say because she is really helpful. Don’t let anyone tell you they love you just for sex. Don’t sleep around with anyone. You never know. 12
It’s a great program and every teen should have the opportunity to see it. No judgement. JV
Try it and try secondary virginity. WB

Source-Presenter Linda Doering

Bayonne High School 12th grade–Lead Teacher-Mrs. Justine Wanko, RN (12/2014)