We at the Institute for Relationship Intelligence have put together this new website in preparation for the upcoming academic school year! The slogan behind the design of this website is “Choose To Be Free,” which was inspired by our mission statement, with an emphasis upon empowering our members to lead happy lives and successful futures. The “Powerful Teens” section is an informational section filled with videos, articles, media, and books that will help our members look introspectively to see how they can grow as individuals. The “Teens Talk” section will feature the statements, questions, and writings of our members that will be a testament to their endeavors and lifestyle choices that will positively impact their peers. The “Our Communities” section focuses on the clubs that help foster our members as they navigate life and the announcements and articles we would like to share with all our communities. With this new interface that engages all browsing visitors and encourages member contribution, we are eager for your involvement and input as we all look forwards to our bright futures!