Teen: "I started watching PORN in 2nd Grade" - Free Teens Youth - Changing Minds, Transforming LivesTestimony courtesy of Jackie Brewton

“Before you came, I was addicted to watching porn and I never told anyone. Not my parents, not even my friends.

I started watching it at an early age and I started because of a game called Minecraft. I was downloading the game and an ad popped up on the screen and it was a porn ad of people having sex, and this was a kid’s game with a porn ad.

I got curious and I started watching. I clicked and clicked and I found out what masturbation was in 2nd grade. And in 4th grade, I was bored and I was like, ‘Why don’t I try this out?’

Teen: "I started watching PORN in 2nd Grade" - Free Teens Youth - Changing Minds, Transforming Lives

My parents went on a date and my sisters were asleep. I did it once and I said, ‘Okay, I won’t do it again.’ A few weeks later, they went out again, and once again, I said, ‘Why not?’

Shortly after, it came to me locking my door and seeing that I was changing.

My dad accused me many times of watching porn and I said I never had so I wouldn’t disappoint him.

I was waiting to tell him or something to happen. I was praying all night and then you came in and I was like dang because what you said made me want to not watch porn and masturbate anymore.

I felt like, why would I watch something that may be putting their lives in danger? And I just didn’t want that, so I just want to say thank you so much for making a change in my life.” #WhyIDoWhatIDo

He said he was bored. And kids will have even more time on their hands during the school closures to get bored. Wonder how many more of them will get addicted to porn during this time? Have sex during this time?

I’ll be alerting parents to this danger on a couple of platforms this week. I’ll provide tips on how you can protect your child. I can’t even say teen because this guy was in the second grade when he started watching porn.