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‘The Sequence’ Is the Secret to Success

Go to school, work, marry, have children. Why do we fail to convey this message to poor young people? By Wendy Wang, Wall Street Journal March 27, 2018 ‘You should wait until you are older to date.” Growing up in a working-class family in China, I learned this at an early age. Like many Asian parents, my mother stressed the importance of working [...]

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CDC cites abstinence as “the surest way to avoid STDs”

The CDC, or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, issued a report regarding the "national surveillance data for 2016 on the three notifiable diseases for which there are federally funded control programs: chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis." In this report, all the diseases being monitored by this government agency saw rates rising within the United States. The following are a few facts regarding chlamydia that can be derived [...]

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5 Things Teens Do Not Know About Sexting But Should

To many of teens, sending sexually explicit content is viewed as a normal way to interact with their peers. They do not see anything wrong with it, especially if they believe that “everyone is doing it.” Meanwhile, other teens engage in sexting because they see it as a joke or because they feel pressured to do so. In fact, research shows that as many [...]

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